Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Walk In The Rain

So the most unexpected moment happened today.

10 minutes left to go get Annaleigh from tutoring and my car wouldn't start! Of all days, why today? When it has been raining almost all day and the wind was strong and cold and let's not forget, no sun! No point in calling anyone for a quick ride, everyone would be at least 10 to 15 minutes away, so I high-tailed it out of my house with two umbrellas.

With droplets of rain splattering on my face, I walked and thought there would be no need for the umbrella due to the cold wind. I walked as fast as I could, hoping to get there on time and worried I wouldn't, because I have never been one to make it to the school in 10 minutes walking, but I didn't want to worry Annaleigh with my absence, because I'm never late and always parked upfront. I ignored the cold wind and the wetness on my face. I walked faster with a little shin pain, but I didn't dare stop.

I prayed to the Big Guy upstairs to let the rain stop and have the sun come out to shine just so Annaleigh wouldn't have to walk in this cold wet day. I arrived at the school in 8 minutes. Whew! That's a record in itself! She was surprise that we had to walk home, but guess what? The rain had stop and as we started walking the sun that hadn't been out all day, peeked out of the clouds! Call it coincidence or call it a small prayer answered, I am certainly thankful!!!

My unexpected moment was when I realized I had walked today. I had thought that for sure I wouldn't walk today, because it was cold, windy and a rainy day. I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but now I realize it didn't kill me and I don't have the sniffles and so very glad I had to get out and have a walk in the rain!
Funny thing is ... I just tried starting my car and the freakin' thing started with no problem what-so-ever!

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