Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Catching A Cold

Is it me or do my pants feel different today?  True I didn't have to do the pants dance to adjust my jeans from sliding down my butt today.  Trust me almost every one has at one time or another has done the pant dance... hips shake like Shakira and wiggle the pants upwards to keep from slipping downwards.

Well it's the evening again and I have been hit once again with the shakes and if coughing up your organs were possible... I'm so miserable.

I'm full of cold medicine, but if I don't get better here soon, I may need to just take my miserable butt to the doctor.

*Water Intake:   1-2-3-4
Adding one more glass to the day, improvement still needed

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Dilemma

Tempting the carb-aholic in me.

How am I to turn down the overly sweet strawberry cinnamon roll at work?  I had just had toast an hour and a half ago, now the invitation to a breakfast dessert.

The polite way would be to decline the tempting dessert or get a piece to take a bite or two and share the rest.  That was my solution for the moment of weakness.  Sharing has to be better than eating it all by myself.

That was this morning, tonight I am not feeling well. Coughing and feeling like I am about to catch a cold... I don't want to be sick. I hate being sick.  Crossing my fingers that I can stop the cooties in their tracks.

*water intake: 1-2-3
Definitely need to up my water intake.

Monday's always make me miss the weekends!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Downside

My body hurts. I would use the excuse that turning 40 in November of last year is the reason for the hurting, but I know it's being fat. My unhealthy choices have caught up with me.

F-A-T... I don't think I have really ever claimed out loud of being fat. It's not a nice word and it definitely doesn't make me proud or do my self esteem any justice. I now associate being fat with pain. Not every overweight person is going to experience the same problem, but for me, it is pain with my knees. Since the last two weeks my knees have been hurting, I have been walking with a limp and popping anti-inflammatory pills to get through the day. I am miserable.

Being overweight does indeed have it's downside... and I am not to happy with it.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Moving On

I'm taking the time to forgive myself for not being perfect! I apologize to myself for expecting that impossible perfection that truly doesn't exist.

I truly admire those who have themselves "together." It has been a long process to find what works for me and what hasn't. I do believe I have been in this trial and error phase for quite sometime. I put this failure label on myself when I can't win.

Once upon a time I told myself to be patient; that greatness happens with patience. I still find this to be true, but I also now realize that this "greatness" can only happen with working toward my dream. I can't expect a different outcome if I don't change or put the work towards my wants!