Friday, March 30, 2012

Despite Good Intentions

day of my challenge and it was going good until Mark's parents took us out for an early birthday dinner for Mark. I knew I wouldn't or couldn't be trusted to go out to a restaurant and find the healthiest thing on the menu. I even used the online menu to find the best option for me to choose from and low and behold things were high in fat content and high calories. I refused to make a big deal, after all it was Mark's choice to eat at an Orlando's Italian restaurant for his birthday dinner.

I do want to brag about my salad and ranch dressing. I probably used a teaspoon of ranch to drizzle on my salad and I kid you not... I still had my container fill and very pleased with myself! I did only eat only half of my "Uncle Louie's Chicken Caldo" pasta dinner. I had one delicious bite of cheese cake and one delicious bit of chocolate rum cake and vanilla ice cream. I think it's safe to say I had more calories than I wanted despite good intention by looking on the website for a healthy alternative.

Tomorrow I'll have to keep it up a notch so that I can work off calories!

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