Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prepare or Fail

I'm winding down day 57... it's been one of those days when I haven't planned or prepared well.

Not being prepared can set me up for a downward spiral. Eating "crap" for the day is not a way of eating healthy. I didn't have any lunch prepared, because I forgot to prepare the night before and couldn't think quick enough this morning. I had lunch at daycare. I tried to behave myself and measure out (eye balling) my serving of chicken Alfredo, corn, and a roll. Can you say carbs and starches?

 What was the end result? I was too full! I felt my good mood slip into tired and full coma. I almost... almost caved into opening Cheetos Puffs, but I didn't. That Cheetos bag called me so loud that I had to step away A.S.A.P!

I didn't snack either, but I have had hungry thoughts of what I would cook tonight and the first thought that came into mind was something fat and full of carbs to take care of my hunger, but that was just crazy talk. Annaleigh and I headed to the grocery store and picked up rotisserie chicken, veggies and fruits. Supper was decent and delicious.

My walking DVD that my mother purchase for me yesterday came in good use. I really worked up a sweat and my face was super flushed! Sweating not the sexiest thing in the world on me, but I felt good and so did my aching legs!

I'm off to bed.... I hope!

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