Thursday, October 13, 2011

Overweight Problem

One of the worst things I can hear as a parent from Annaleigh's pediatrician is "She's overweight. She needs to lose a couple of pounds." These were words spoken from our pediatrician last week at Annaleigh's well check.

Yesterday, it hit home even more, when Annaleigh said "I had a bad time in P.E., Mom. I was the last one running in my class and it really hurt to breathe."

There was a quick flash back to the time I was in P.E. and I was the overweight kid running in last and trying my best to catch my breath. A repeating pattern? Have I failed as a parent? I'm really upset with myself. I'm the parent, I'm responsible for this and I don't know where I have gone wrong!

When I think back to when I found out I was pregnant with Annaleigh, I wanted my unborn baby to have the best and be the healthiest. I avoided soda. I was always on the move; walking. Instead of gaining weight, I lost about 30 lbs. Annaleigh was born and her feeding schedule was always exact and never more than she needed.  As she became a toddler, I was the mommy who refuse to give her candy or juices. TV time was limited and she LOVED vegetables.

Where did I go wrong? How do I fix this? Will she grow up to be a 35 year old woman with an overweight problem like me?

I've taken a close look at my family. This is what I have realized....

The three of us ARE overweight as a family!
We need to get our ACT together as a family!
We have NO EXCUSES for not being able to succeed as a family!

Everyone has to be on board in order for the three of us to get moving. A family meeting? It's a start.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lost Motivation

There is a few weeks left in October and I have yet to make any goals for some time now. Of course we all know losing weight is my main goal. I am feeling lost and confused about the whole process. I am beginning to see a pattern here. Every couple of months I am going through a "spell" of lost and confusion ... I don't know what this means. If you read any past blogs, I'm complaining about losing weight being difficult, but then I say I can't give up or quit. My motivation is down! I feel my energy slipping. My workouts are non existence for about a month now due to a hurt knee.
How do I go about regaining my motivation?
I may need to post flyer's around town:

                                                          LOST MOTIVATION
If you find my motivation, could you direct it back to me as soon as possible? I'm missing it desperately!

I'll find my grove again. I know this rut can't last forever!

Back to the October goals, I have about two weeks left, give or take. I'm going to aim for a four pound loss. That's realistic for me and this may give me that renewed momentum I'm so desperately seeking!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Is Hard

I am so tired of trying to lose weight! I'm tired of trying to watch what I eat. I'm tired of counting points, given I have only been on Weight Watcher for almost a month. I'm tired of having a hurt knee. I'm tired of losing and gaining the same few pounds. I'm tired of being fat.

That's my Sunday morning whine!

Losing weight is hard. I don't think I have ever really said those words before and maybe I have, but this time around I'm really feeling the pressure. The pressure isn't coming from anyone, but myself. The pressure to succeed with weight loss and seeing the same numbers is just devastating and truly disappointing to me.

Also, just when I think I have figured something about my weight problem, I take on a new direction. How do I succeed? I've made changes. Lots of changes, but these changes aren't enough to help me move forward.

What's my next move? How do I connect the pieces to my very own weight loss puzzle? Frustrating.