Saturday, March 29, 2014

Focus On Me

I have been attempting spring cleaning in my home. I figure IF I can declutter my home then I can definitely take a better opportunity to focus on me. Reality check, I focus on other things more than I seem to focus on me. I make my list and I start with me first and by the time that morning alarm goes off I push myself to the next thing on the list and by the time the day is done I am at the bottom, last and forgotten.

What does that say or mean?

It means I have to learn to juggle me into the daily act. Almost everyone knows this. Focus, give myself some well deserve love and attention. I'm worth it. Now I have to fight on that negative voice  and quit calling myself a "selfish girl" or telling me that I'm "neglecting the family". Out you go negative voice. I'm just giving myself a little dose of love. Everybody has time for that!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Not Down For The Count

It's been a knockout, but definitely not down for the count. The good thing is that I have not gain any weight, but neither have I lost any more pounds. BOOO!

Sincere apologizes for being M-I-A... life has an unexpected punch sometimes that can't be controlled, but I'm here and moving towards my goal.

And so I shall begin.