Friday, March 2, 2012

Morning Pet Peeve

Workout kicked my butt this morning, but I survived!

I have a pet peeve lately about my workouts and it has to do with the hubby. Mark is home and I have been doing my workouts while he is home, but I don't want him to be in the same room with me while I do my workout. Just the thought of him watching me makes me flinch and squirm uncomfortably. I don't want him to see all the jiggles and struggles and how quickly out of breath I get by doing my workout. Oh I know he can probably hear me, but it's just not sexy at all!

It's Friday.... so glad it is, because I am ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. Pretty quick turn around this week. YAY!

Daily Motivation...

This makes me feel like I'm at least doing something and not the one who is on the couch.

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