Sunday, November 30, 2014


Damn that BREAD... it's like a freakin' lover that is tormenting me! In other words yes, I caved in. I had a slice of pizza. Alright...a slice and a half! I am shamed-faced... include a soda with that meal.
It is a rough start. I need to keep drinking water. I think that was a huge help on day one. I kept it close to me and when I thought I wanted bread, it was enough to keep me away from it.
But my weigh in came in a positive note. 2 pounds down! Whew, because yesterday's weigh in was at a stand still. Of course I received grunts and complaints about me weighing in everyday, but I want to log every day because this is my experiment.
No headaches, of course "IT'S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH". Surprise! I am feeling pretty miserable right now.
Making this quick, family is so LOUD right now, I can't "think" anymore.
My motto for the day:

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hasta La Vista, Bread!

Yesterday was terrible. "The Headache" was excruciating painful, even after the pain medicine. I drank water all day long, thinking I might be dehydrated from the days before of drinking endless soda.
Temptation has been EVERYWHERE. I just about quit the minute my sister, Audrey brought the cookie dough at Target. I kept talking myself out of it. "The Headache" reminded me I didn't need any bread or cookie.
I'm the first to admit day one without carbs was too hard, especially BREAD. It's like I have a dysfunctional relationship with bread. I have dated bread so long it's time to give kick him to the curb.
Sobbing, my Bread break-up note.
Dear Bread,
I have to say good-bye. You are no good for me. Right now, I turn a corner or counter and I see you there before my eyes tempting me to come back, but I can't. I deserve a better life and yes, without you. This is my way of kicking your ass out for good. I know I'll be able to move on and imitate your goodness with something even better. Hasta la vista, Bread!
That felt good. Now the hard part is to continue fighting my feelings for bread and avoid him like a plague. A little weird, funny how it some foods do feel like a relationship gone sour.
Until tomorrow.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Jumping On The Band Wagon Once More

Today is my start date to jump right back in on the "band" wagon, what better day than to start the day after Thanksgiving.

I am back to photo food journal, snapping for my Daily Eats tab. I'm also back to weighing in. I know this sounds a little obsessed, but I want daily morning weigh in stats. I'll do some quick daily posting.

Low carb, high fat, here I come, again. I'm choosing this diet, because the last time I tried this I was feeling so much better and the weight had finally started moving down the scale. I definitely want to feel better. That's my plan to a better me.

Goal #1:
Survive the Keto flu-like symptoms. I'm estimating this to last 3 days. Crossing my fingers, not my favorite part of starting this LCHF. The last time I went through this I was sick, nauseous, weak and no appetite. I slept most of the day, but when it was over I felt like a million bucks. I'll see what this second time brings... again not my favorite part.

This is how I feel right now. A brief whine clip, you may want to look away.

I have an dull headache that has been with me for the past two days. I feel lazy in general and do NOT feel like doing anything. I'm easily irritated. My back aches and my knee hurts. I hear the popping sound and it makes me cringe, because I fear the long term damage my weight is doing to my knee and my future. I am feeling my worst right now.
Can you say GRUMPY?
Goal #2:
Complete Week 1 without cheat days. I'm sweating this one, but I do believe in myself enough to push in the positive directions.
I truly feel inspired by this quote:
I'm off to be awesome. Wish me some awesome luck.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Turkey Day

I am having a tough time today. Who has balled her eyes at the table during grace... yes of course it's me. Can I be any more of a mental case? Don't answer that, but I am thankful.

Here is my thankful note:

I'm thankful for my daughter.

I'm thankful for my health.

I'm thankful for my family.

I'm thankful for my friends.

I'm thankful for the fact that I will be an Aunt come March.

I'm thankful for the roof over my head.

I'm thankful for a new start in life.

I'm thankful that my faith is not lost.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Sunday's for me are lazy days. I usually get The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars in my head. Alright maybe just the first verse.
I had a rough night last night. Thanksgiving is in a couple of days and I am feeling like a crybaby. I have my support system here at my parents place, but I can't help the feelings that come over me.
I need to make better use of my time. My thoughts are all over the place. Just when I think of a brilliant idea I promise myself to remember only to, yes you guessed right, forget.
I hear those annoying voices calling me, just when I am getting somewhere. I wait patiently for the day when I can sit and enjoy my voice and explore my thoughts.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

On A Roll

I was up early. Started laundry and began making breakfast. I have my cup of coffee with stevia instead of sugar and now I'm blogging. Check me out!
I'm pumped, I only hope I don't lose momentum.
I have been thinking of starting a "life" blog. My "life" is an upside down roller coaster right now and I will have one hell of a journey ahead of me, but I'm determined to change my path to impress myself. Does that sound silly? Probably, but I don't care.
Ever notice, when you have some time to get things done and everyone wants to find something to talk about or "mom I need....", ugggh, distractions are not so bueno.  Well I'm off before I lose my calm, cool, collective self.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

The BIG 39!

I am out of shape at 39. I have a goal. I have a year to correct this dilemma. It's simple, but first I'm going to go enjoy that delicious homemade strawberry cheesecake that my BFF made for me. She's awesome and it's SOOOOO WICKED GOOD!