Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take A Walk

Took a week off my morning workouts for spring break and my sudden change in my work schedule...

Sounds like EXCUSES, and EXCUSES, and more EXCUSES!

This time change is really kicking my butt; even as I type this post out... I'm yawning! Waking up is such a challenge. My routine has been off course and I just need to get back on track. No excuses!

What should be a great incentive to losing weight is that I'm heading to Vegas with my sister, Audrey and my friends, Pam and Lauren in May; call it a "Girls just wanna have fun!" kinda weekend getaway! I know we'll do lots of walking and I need to keep moving! I need to try to up my mile to miles! I have never been one to do more than a mile, but I'm Psyched up for this new goal! Walking miles now this is asking for some NEW SHOES. I'm serious when it comes to getting new shoes. A new mission to find the RIGHT pair of walking shoes!

Ready to walk the walk!

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