Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keeping It Simple

Guess what?

I finally started on my Week 6 workout... two weeks late, but I'm trying to push past this crazy path of failure!

I have made very good choices today with my eating. It's a good sign. I feel like I'm bringing back my mojo! You know that thing that hypes this weight loss of mine toward motivation!

I have reminded myself that I need to take my lunch to work and to be prepared for those moments of weakness. A plan would be great! I just need to figure one out.

Let's not forget starting mornings with a healthy breakfast! I need to keep walking, after looking at the weekly forecast, I have nothing to complain about.... in the 80's, some clouds, 30% chance a rain for tomorrow, but definitely nothing to worry myself over.

A while back I said I was heading to Vegas with my sister and friends. Starting tomorrow will be 60 days til my "Girls just want to have fun" vacation! It's time to get serious and set a goal for myself to accomplish. I know it's hard to believe, especially when I'm setting simple goals earlier and couldn't reach them, but I have to do something; anything... I so want to see changes. I want people to see them. I'm tired of being a failure. So here it goes. Tomorrow the 60 day count down begins. I pray for focus and determination!

No kidding!

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