Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dealing With Emotions

This week has been crazy... emotions are running high; dealing with friends, family and myself. How am I to keep myself from becoming insane? If I'm not careful I could let my emotions get in the way and the one I am avoiding is anger. It has already taken so much of me that I refuse to light its fuse.

In two weeks I have mediation with my soon to be ex-husband. I'm actually looking forward to this and praying all comes to an end of that chapter in my life. I am expecting simplicity, but I never know what is going to happen. I hate knowing the unknown.

Trying to keep my spirits up... I don't want to feel like I'm losing a battle with myself.


Coffee Confession:

I have tried to give up coffee. Sooo hard! I have cut back. I have cut back a cup and I am hoping I can stop by the end of October, which is on Saturday. Don't judge me. I didn't think coffee had such a strong hold over me.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coffee Psycho

I'm finding it hard to give up the coffee. What to do?

Funny thing is that I use to never drink coffee up until I started working at my current job. I think it all started with peer pressure. Actually that's not true. It was more of a social pressure. Holy Moly... 8 years ago!

It began with a cup of coffee, then it became 2 cups and then 3 cups of coffee. This was causing me the jitters, especially on an empty stomach. It also began with every other day, until it became 5 days a week and now I'm including the weekends. Patterns and habits; the good and the bad.

Now I need break up with my loving coffee who has gotten me through sleepless nights, through days when I needed that extra pick me up and fought the cold mornings to warm me up.

Do I go cold turkey like I did with soda? Or do I start off slow and give myself time to adjust to leaving it? Perhaps I could give myself a better substitution for my morning drinking crack? I could go decaffeinated, but not an option.

So, I just realized I did not intend for this post be all about coffee. This just goes to show you how completely psycho, I am over coffee.

Monday, October 5, 2015


It has been over 2 weeks since I have been drinking water and skipping the soda. I'm excited to say I am kicking some serious ass with this goal.

This is what I have noticed about drinking water. These are my positive side effects.
  • I have energy.
  • My body is learning to feel full all on it's own.
  • I am less bloated.
  • I don't miss soda.
This was my September goals. I succeeded doing 2 out of 4.

    September Goals

    • Start LCHF
    • Lose 5 lbs.
    • Drink Water
    • Avoid Soda
I have moved my undone goals onto my October goals and have decided to add two more new ones to my list.(Look to the side panel) I didn't lose 5 lbs., but that is okay. Numbers don't represent me, it's high time I realize that...
October has sneaked up on me. I feel like September didn't even happen. I'm just a bit behind, time to kick myself into high gear or at lease play catch up.