Monday, December 31, 2012

Forge Onward

Words for my year in review... Weight struggles, giving up, unmotivated, realizations, inspired, captivated, sincere and aha! In summing my year up I believe that I need to forge onward in a strong healthy life.

2013 Resolution List
  •  Start off by shedding the 1st 10 lbs.
  •  Keep a clean house
  •  Write more
  •  Throw a fabulous dinner party
  •  Go dancing with my husband
  •  Plan more girls night out with Annaleigh
  •  Work out
  •  Eat at least 1 to 2 veggie meals a week
  •  Stop being a couch potato
  •  Cook at home
  •  Avoid the restaurant scene
  •  Start my bucket list
Leaving 2012 behind with positive momentum and carrying it over to 2013!


Sunday, December 16, 2012


Realization number one.... let's call it an AHA moment for me.

Putting on the weight didn't happen overnight! Aha... and taking off the weight is not going to happen overnight. I know it's not rocket science, but I expect the unexplained miracles. I seem to always complain when I don't see the scale moving down, especially when I FEEL I have worked so hard that week. Wah, wah, wah, whining and crying over the same thing is not going to get me any where! Giving up is not going to get me any where either.

So what I have learn is that I can't snap my fingers and ...

... expect to lose weight. Losing weight is going to take time, because now that I realize there is no quick fix or magic to transform me into a lovely healthy beauty. I'll graciously accept that and remind myself that taking steps to being healthy is a start!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Last week, on Wednesday, 12/5/2012  to be exact I was in a car collision. The other driver was at fault, but it was the most disturbing, frightening moment of my life. I felt like a little girl when I realize that car was aiming right at me and when I knew there would be no way to avoid contact and then wait for that split second for impact.
I'm OK, I'm bruised and banged up, but I keep reminding myself that I could have been worse off. I have a sprain knee and have a brace on and left the hospital in crutches. I was the only one in the car, thank GOD. I'm more of a nervous wreck when I think about "What if Annaleigh had been in the car with me?", then I get emotional and am thankful she was not.
Past few nights I wake up sweating reliving the collision and wake up so stressed out. My husband assures me that everything will be fine. I only pray it will be so!

I haven't been eating much and I haven't weighed in, so I'm on a mission. First things first, recuperating, keeping off my leg until I can see an orthopedic Dr., who by the way, his office ruined my appointment this past Wednesday and can't see me until 1/2/2013. This was upsetting and I could have cried! I know people make mistakes, but I could have avoided my mother-in-law driving me and an awkward walking with crutches into the building and office.

Again frustration!

I'm upset, yes, but when I see all the horrors on the nightly news I'm grateful to be alive to appreciate my family and love every one of them another day.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Focus.... that's what I need at the moment!

I forgot how hard it is to focus on myself.

I am proud to say, I am having little "aha" moments, which is so refreshing for once. I was getting frustrated and was beginning to overwhelm myself. I was wondering what would be the best day to get back on the wagon to get healthy, and came to the conclusion that there is no time like the present! I'd like to claim today as a small step to success. Feels good!

Small steps will lead to Big steps! I need to remember that always!