Sunday, March 4, 2012

From Negative To Positve

Still trying to figure out why I'm not losing... I'm on a mission! There could be so many reasons I'm not losing weight and of course what comes up when in my searches is hypothyroidism or PCOS to name a few. I get discouraged just as quick. It's like a no win situation. I feel like binging! I may need to add emotional eating to the list as to why I'm not losing weight!

Another thing I have noticed is my hubby is losing weight! He's lost 30 plus pounds and he's looking GOOD! I'm a little ticked off that he is a man and quickly losing the weight, but in all fairness he has given up lot of fast food, which I know is hard for him, especially when his work is driving for living. I'm very PROUD of him! It's just the jealous part of me who is not losing weight holding a little grudge!

I'm trying to decide on the next step, which direction do I need to take? I'm feeling overwhelmed again and you know what that means.... negative feedback! I'll beat myself up for awhile, but this time it's just too much focused energy on the negative!

I realize that next month will be ONE year that I will have been blogging about my weight loss journey and to tell you the truth, I feel like the biggest fraud in the world! Who starts a blog about losing weight and not lose weight? Uh, me! Could I be anymore disappointing?

I'm feeling the heat, just in case you couldn't tell...leaving the negative behind, talking a few breaths, a scream or two behind and getting myself together!!!

This week's goal is to up my physical activity level! Yes I've been working out in the morning, but not enough. It's time to give myself more activity. I know I have the energy to do more!

Last week I took my lunch all week and I'm so proud of myself. This was such a challenge for me. I just need to keep it up! I have also been tracking my meals everyday, getting a calorie count for each thing I put in my mouth. My morning workouts are on track as well. I know setting mini weekly goals may sound crazy, but I'm glad I'm taking the time to do them. I just know these smalls steps will lead me into a positive lifestyle!

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  1. Negative thougts are not allowed. I'm in the same boat. I can't seem to lose anymore weight and I'm starting to get fustrated