Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Need Of A Pep Talk

Washed Out?

I don't get it, just yesterday I was bragging about this amazing, unexpected walk in the rain and today I don't have an ounce of energy in me! What's going on with me?

I know if I look back and read some of my posts over the course of when I first started working out, I can tell a huge difference in attitude and my mood. I have no choice, but to recognize exercise for what it really is to me... a mood enhancer. Working out is my energy drink!

So why haven't I gotten my butt back into morning gear? I don't get me sometimes! Last week my excuse was spring break with my daughter, this week's excuse is I'm not sleeping good. I'm on a roll, I have more to confess. I haven't been taking my lunch, or eating breakfast, or cooking at home. Let's not forget tracking my meals.

Taking a break? From what? Reaching success; for actually living a healthy lifestyle. Why do I keep trying to hold myself back and so readily willing to drop new great habits at the drop of a hat? If I had a friend asking me this...

I would tell her...

Change has always been your fear. You need to get past that! It's better said than done, I know, but when are you going to come to terms that you feel great about yourself when you do something good for your body. Do you really want to have all these health problems and have Annaleigh think she'll have to take care of you? Do you really want her to follow in your footsteps to being fat? Come on, Christine, you have to accept change, if anything haven't you notice with every change that has come your way, life is so much better. You smile so much more! You worry less! You can count on me being there for you! Whenever, anytime; I got your back! You need me to tell you to stop being scared, fine! Enough is enough, embrace change, accept change, take change and make you a better you! It's inside, it's time to show the outside world what you're capable of being and living! Leave the past, it was rough, but that's what you do, you've dealt and you can't let it rule you anymore. No more knock downs, or feeling sorry for yourself. You get up and get moving. Show Annaleigh that her mom is great at finishing something with enthusiasm! Make her realize everything is possible!

And that is what I would tell myself! I didn't know I had it in me, but there I have it!

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