Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tackling The Day

My soreness is back! I didn't go for my one mile walk yesterday due to dirt and high winds here in West Texas, so Annaleigh convinced me to get off the recliner and play the Wii with her. Once she got me started on Just Dance 3, I danced my booty off! Ooohhhhhhh! I'm not great, but not bad either!

Yesterday at work, lunch consisted of CHICKEN SPAGHETTI... oh I love this dish! It's one that I request every so often, except this time. I didn't touch the mouth watering chicken spaghetti; not even a taste! This is a HUGE mile stone in itself! I ate my sandwich and orange instead and really got full! I know it doesn't sound as good as chicken spaghetti, but that could be another time when I find a healthier version to make at home.

Off to work to tackle the day!

I thought this appropriate for the month of March... here's to getting it done!

Now I'm not going to look like that... that's not my goal, but the promises are there that I intend to conquer!

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