Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hungry Moment

What to say about yesterday ... except all I wanted to do was eat! I did good in the morning I had only two pieces of French toast sticks and a little bit of syrup and ate my lunch I brought from home. Supper consisted of frozen burritos, but I had been hungry even before. I tried to tame my hunger by having a little snack. It helped for about 30 minutes only. I was still hungry after dinner; I drank water to see if I was thirsty instead, but I was just hungry! My stomach growled, I tried to distract myself by doing other things; helping with Annaleigh's homework, going online to see if I could make sense of how and why I was feeling like this, but I finally ate, but still it feels like a huge step back! I don't understand why I felt like that! I literally felt like I was starving!

It's a moment like that, I feel like failure is creeping its way back into my new positive look on eating better!

I just need to keep being positive....

This says it all...

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