Friday, November 23, 2012

Surviving Thanksgiving

I have survived Thanksgiving!


It was tough!

I'm not one to refuse a delicious homemade meal. There was turkey and ham, sweet potatoes and dressing, pies and cakes. OH MY!

I had to share my time and family with my lovely in-laws and I'm not exaggerating either. I absolutely LOVE my in-laws!!! I visited with my parents and family from out of town. In all honesty, just being surrounded by family was my most enjoyable moment.

Now, it's only 32 days til Christmas! I can't make the excuse "There's no point in watching what I eat, I'll start my diet in the new year." Moving on!

I'm simply going to focus on succeeding!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Thin Me?

Is there a thin person in me?

Have you ever read those successful stories that say they always knew there was a thin person inside? I'm a little nervous, because I'm not sure if there is a thin person inside me.
I kind of laugh at the thought, a thin me? Please! A silly image comes to mind and not sure that I can pull it off.

I do feel that there is a healthy person inside me just wanting to break free of all this process food. After taking a close look at what I eat... you could call me a Process Queen or a Fast Food Queen. It's disgusting really! I have to admit I'm a little more than ashamed and feel like a food whore!

I'm going to have to start over, which is like teaching an old dog new tricks. Alright, I'm being over dramatic again. I can do this, no sweat. I do know that process food is convenient, but filled with all the wrong things! I'll just have to cook from scratch. Sounds intimidating, but I have always loved cooking and I do have a 10 year old who needs to learn to get around the kitchen. She'll love helping me prepare our meals.... I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Over Thinking

Let's not over think this...

I have filled my brain with constant information of being healthy. I'm a collector of diet books... a impressive collection with loads of information, half the time contradicting each other. I'm a terrible fad diet book buyer; meaning every new year I go to the bookstore to purchase the new craze diet books that well shrink belly fat; make me a former fat girl, or cook myself thin, eat this and not that... and as crazy as it sounds I love reading those book and trying them out. There are times when I do feel like I have energy and can conquer anything, but I become over loaded with diet information and I fall off the wagon.

Over thinker, over eater, over analyze... let me not over do this any longer.

I like inspiring sayings... one of my favorite things about keeping myself motivated is to find positive ways to keep me going.... that will be something I will start again.

Here's one for today:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Refusing Defeat

I'm in the middle of feeling defeated... everything seems to be going wrong and who's at fault?


How do I rectify my own traitorous behavior?

I can only do so much harm to myself by overeating or binging; eating the wrong kinds of foods and eventually IT WILL catch up with me and I will have ruined my health; my life!

I'm tired of my blog sounding like a rant of self destruction. It's miserable and it makes me sound miserable and for that I apologize. In the beginning when I started this blog, I wanted to document success and get past the hardships of dieting. I was excited and I wanted to finally cure myself of being fat. Right now I feel helpless and a little lost.

How do I turn around this downfall?

I know I need to get serious and I have to definitely start turning my health around. I have so much to live for and I really want to do everything without feeling like I can't because of my weight.
It's time to eat to live, not live to eat!