Saturday, June 9, 2018

Keto Strong

I am still kicking it with keto! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth either. Just focusing on my knew lifestyle.

I am not going to lie... there's times when I CRAVE one thing or another, but I haven't CAVED!

I don't miss bread or pizza or fried chicken, BUT I do miss POTATOES! French fries, fried potatoes, bake potatoes, potato salad, mash potatoes.... did I mention I miss POTATOES?

Today, I wanted a tortilla. Everyday I do miss something, but then I forget and that craving thought disappears from my mind.

My knee pain is at a 1... 1 being hardly any pain. I remember at the beginning I was really hurting. Getting up from my seat caused me pain. I would limp from point A to point B. I seemed to only complain about my knee on a daily basis.

I got rid of my favorite pair of jeans. I wanted to cry when I wore them one last time and knew I would no longer be able to wear them, unless I would find myself mooning the world.

My weight loss is has been slow, but it is moving down!!! 19 pounds exactly!!!! I wanted to quit at one point. I got so frustrated with my weight stall. I had to go back and remember my keto basics. My youngest sister has been on keto since February and she is one pound away from losing 50-freaking-pounds!!! I am so proud of her.

Until later....

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Being a mother is hard work. No one ever tells you the melt downs that come with being a mom. If you didn't know, they do happen. The advice I can share, is things get worse before they get better, BUT THEY DO GET BETTER!

Everyday can feel like it's dragging balls or time insists to push me over the edge of anxiety, but sometimes like today, I can feel a bit calm and relax.

I didn't lose a pound this week, but that's ok. I won't freak out or give up. (Not in me.)

Here's some positive news... my knee is almost "pain-free"... I kid you not! So close, but still crossing these fingers of mine! I also notice my pants are starting to feel loose around my thighs and bottom. Not that I ever had much of a butt.
Is it too soon that I may feel just a bit more confident? Perhaps... just a smidge at least.

On Thursday, my daughter had a end of year band concert for school. Now let me explain this part about me... for the most part I attend the majority of her performances... big cheerleader for Annaleigh, but when I find out about an event or performance I literally get anxiety, anxious, and I-don't-wannas, until the end. This time I arrived home. I got myself presentable, even a little bit of mascara and lipstick. Dropped her off early and attended her performance without getting any of those moods/emotions. I didn't dread the event. I was able to enjoy the concert.

Today I did have a cheat meal. It was keto until the corn tortillas, 3 to be exact and I was miserable afterwards. Choices have consequences. I should know this by now.

Until later.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Keto and Cheating

Let's chat...

The past few days have been the same, especially in my moods.
Tired, not wanting to get out of bed. I snap out of the funk after about 10, usually after my bullet proof coffee.

I had a cheat meal on Friday. I repeat... I HAD A CHEAT MEAL ON FRIDAY!
I didn't exactly go overboard, but I did pitched in for pizza at work from Dominos. I ate the thin crust pizza, 6 square pieces; thinner than a saline cracker. Now that is no excuse, because I did bring lunch from home, but I didn't eat it. I am sure I did push myself out of getting in or pushing myself away from ketosis.
BUT... come dinner I was back on my next keto meal. That alone is success. What usually happens to me is, I cheat and continue to cheat and forget the diet. It goes to show that I have more motivation and determination to move forward and not kick my own ass over the mistake.

The knee pain has been steady at a 3. I am feeling discourage when it does comes to my knee pain. I cross my fingers, pray hard and hope for no knee pain. SOON!!!

Today my daughter, Annaleigh and myself went to the dreaded Mall and hit some stores. Afterwards she wanted pizza at one of our favorite restaurants, Dion's. Yes pizza again, but this time I DID NOT have a cheat meal. I ordered the small pizza and a salad and removed the croutons out of the salad. I took off the delicious cheese and pepperoni of the slice of pizza! I love the crust of this pizza, but I didn't budge and I didn't crave it. I did feel guilty for leaving the non topping pizza sitting on a paper plate. I painfully coved the plate in a proper burial with a napkin.

I think I may have to give my blog post updates every few days. Or maybe twice a week. I am going to see how I can work this in.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day... lets get those fingers crossing and hope for the 260's.... I want to be out of the 270's... It's a long time coming.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Keeping It Simple

Today has been rough.
Rough night of sleep last night. Leg cramp attempt #3... I keep fighting them away!
But despite that my knee didn't hurt to bad and I almost gave my knee pain a 2, but then I went back to hurting to a 3.
Keeping it simple today.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Keto Day 15

Today is a bit sluggish, but I am getting in through the day.

I need to go purchase a few necessary items for my keto days ahead, such as virgin coconut oil and butter!

For lunch for the first time I had zoodles with spaghetti sauce.
The food critic in me says..."interesting bite. Not terrible, but not super fantastic either."
My eyes were bigger than my stomach. I need to make few adjustments and this is a meal to make and to eat at home kind-of-dish.

I was having a mid day crash...I felt like I needed a nap. Boo!

I got a second wind later, and did my laundry!

Do I dare say my knee pain is at a 2? Almost there, I believe....
For today it is still at a 3....

Monday, April 30, 2018

Two Weeks... Done ✔

It's official.... two weeks in! Longest commitment to myself! I kid you not.

I felt exhausted this morning! I literally felt as if I had just closed my eyes and had to get out of bed the next second. I dragged my butt out of bed, grumbling to work.

I snapped out of it around 10 this morning.

I was grateful for pushing myself to make my lunch last night. It had been an emotional day.

Now I am going to keep up with the blog daily. I hope it doesn't get too repetitive.

Until tomorrow!

✔knee pain tolerance-3

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Keto Days 10, 11, 12, 13

I am playing Keto Catch-up!

Day 10
Apparently I am still easily irritated... boo.
Knee is still bothering me. What's new!
✔Knee pain tolerance-4

Day 11
During Lunch, the work place was having burgers and fixings. I had a bunless burger and it was still awesome. I didn't even want chips!!! Am I at a point where I can deny myself evil things like bread or sweets? Not sure.

✔Knee pain tolerance-4

Day 12
When you don't fit in the booth comfortably.
On the positive side... I put my "hell no!" on the delicious tempting rolls. I didn't even take a picture of those bastards.

I denied the cactus blossom.

I did enjoy my NY strip steak smothered in sautéed onion! The bake potato was ok... not all was eaten either! My first meal of the day too!
Here's even more positive feedback... afterward I left the restaurant not feeling disgustingly full or exhausted like I usually do!!!

Hell yeah!

I was able to head to a few stores and pick up some groceries. I am still a little perky.
✔Knee pain tolerance-3


I am excited with today's weigh-in...4 lbs. down!!!
Thankful for not caving because honestly it was touch and go a few times.

✔Knee pain tolerance-3