Monday, March 26, 2012

Let The 60 Day Challenge Begin

I was late getting up this morning, but my workout was done!

As you know today I began my "Girls just want to have fun" Vacation Challenge!

I have decided that 25 lbs is a decent amout of weight loss during this challenge. It's not going overboard like being on the Biggest Loser and not an unhealthy goal. I'll take a weekly picture, so beware it's not very pretty. Caution your eyes and let's hope for the best!

Front View

Side View

Not happy posting these pictures up, but it needed it to be done. I'll have a weekly picture up and maybe I'll be able to see changes. I'll keep weighing in weekly and I'll do my best to blog daily giving myself some love or a swift kick in the butt, which ever is necessary!

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