Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Donut Danger Avoided!

Yes I'm feeling PROUD! The main reason is I beat sabotage.

 It wasn't intentional, but nonetheless, it was an evil thing to do! When I walked into work the first thing I notice was Jack and Jill donut boxes; chocolate and glazed donuts to be specific! Of course glazed donuts being my favorite donut in the world! Yes, simple things like glazed donuts give me pleasure, but I politely refused and tried to keep my mind occupied with other thoughts while my co-worker scarfed one down. She's thin, she can afford a donut or two!

I beat sabotage, it's worth repeating!

Yesterday evening I worked out to a DVD. I was in the mood and felt like using my weights. You can imagine how I feel today... S-O-R-E! My abs and my legs are screaming at me and boy I'm listening!

I'm feeling great and so happy I'm made healthy choices today despite temptation surrounding me! Oh and just to let you know, I have a soda can in my fridge that I brought from my parents on Sunday and I haven't touched it. This is great! I'm using it as a reminder that I can deal without it, even if it's in my fridge. Silly I know, but water has been the ONLY beverage I have been drinking, so I'm trying to keep it up!

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