Sunday, September 18, 2011

Struggle Update

I'm struggling on Weight Watchers.

I feel nuts for typing that sentence. It's not difficult. I log in my points on a daily basis and still I manage to not lose weight. I know what I'm doing wrong. I'm not eating the RIGHT kinds of foods. I have given myself the OKAY to eat what I want... whatever it may be as long as I'm logging and using my daily points.

I'm on a mission this week to figure it out. No more eating all the WRONG kind of foods. I need to up my game for losing weight. My sister has lost a total of 35 lbs in a little under 3 months and I can't seem to do that.... Inserting frustrating scream here....!!!! I'm so excited for her and totally envious! My sisters and I have been struggling with our weight for most of our lives. There comes a point in our lives when we know it's time to make a change for the better!

Another struggle I'm forced to deal with, is an injured knee. I only did two workouts this week and two the week before just because my knee is giving me problems. I don't know what to do, I can't stop working out! This is just adding more obstacles for my journey. How do I get through this without ready to throw in the towel?

Giving up is not an option!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Underestimating WW Points

Today Annaleigh, Betty(my mother in-law) and myself had lunch at Chili's. I was hungry and ready to eat. I choose to  build my own lunch combo, which entailed a delicious half California turkey club with a small amount of fries and a house salad, dressing on the side. I came home to track my meal on Weight Watchers online and OUCH! Even ordering the half size meal was still a huge dent in my points! What gives? Am I going about this the wrong way? Obviously I'm doing everything wrong; going out to have a meal is just not my cup of tea. Apparently I can't choose the best option on the menu for me.

I have to remember ... just because I'm on Weight Watchers I still have to reflect on the better choices for each day. I definitely know that I'm eating when I'm starving, which is bad, very bad! I'm waiting too long to have a meal or snack. I'm not prepared and working is ABSOLUTELY cutting into my focus time. I have to pull a plan of action together!

Where to start?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weight Watchers?

I'm desperate! I feel like I'm trying so hard and flailing through my diet choices! Going back to work has put a dent in my plans. My active calorie diet seems a bit more demanding then I expected. I have been thinking Weight Watchers Online. I don't think I have the time, just yet, to attend meetings, but I am curious. My younger sister use to be on this program and lost a good amount of weight, but then she gained it back, which is a bit daunting for me. Counting points?

I don't need a diet, I need a lifestyle. Obviously I need something new and different. If I add weight watchers, I cringe at the next diet drama I have developed...

Weight Watchers it is... (hands clasped in prayer and teeth grinding action).