Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sudden Urge

"It's a wonderful day in this neighborhood..." Mr. Rogers if you didn't know.

I feel really good. My morning workout is done with for the moment. Yesterday late afternoon, I got this wild urge to.... brace yourself.... to workout! To move, to do something... but I didn't act upon it. One of the excuses I gave myself was Texas Dirt was blowing pretty hard and I wanted to keep myself from eating dirt! I mentioned to my husband that maybe we should get a treadmill after all. We'll see about that...

I'm tracking my daily meals, I wish I could track them on an app, but unfortunately, I'm living in the early 90's with an old school phone, due to I'm too cheap to go get a new one!

Today, if I get that workout urge, I'll go with my gut and get up to do something!

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