Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rest Day

Sundays will be my rest day. It's also my weigh in day and I all I have to say is... I'm disappointed, but not a quitter. I gained a pound. My only defense is I've read somewhere that a person may gain; putting on muscle ... at least that would be nice and explain the one pound jump. I do, however, feel the top of my belly slightly less (it's still there, just a little less) and even the inner thighs feel different. I noticed that when I wore my jeans yesterday didn't suffocate my thighs. There's room for me to feel comfortable.

I have prepared my lunch for tomorrow. I'm taking Chicken tacos; leftovers from tonight's supper. Three amazing ingredients for crock-pot cooking. I found the recipe on pinterest and it was amazing simple and easy... my kind of recipe!

Check it out here at Chocolate Therapy!

I'll be able to enjoy a good healthy breakfast tomorrow. It actually snowed this morning and throughout the day and school is delayed for 2 hours. Some extra sleep and a decent breakfast, not bad!

I went grocery shopping and dedicated my week to eating good and healthy and got ingredients for a  delicious GREEN shake, I also found on Pinterest. You'll have to give it a try, as skeptical and as hard as it is to believe... IT IS DELICIOUS!

Get the shake ingredients here at Iowa Girl Eats!
If you haven't noticed Pinterst has become my new addiction and I'll gladly admit it with enthusiasm!

Well I'm off to cuddle with the kid and dog. They are the perfect heater for me on a cold day like this here in Texas!

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