Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feeling Good!

Well my workout is done and I didn't even sleep in! My own inner alarm set off this morning and as hard as I tried to sleep in. It was a no go, sooooo I did my workout instead! Yeah for me! This is the first week that I felt like I REALLY accomplished something that I set my mind to! It feels wonderful! I worked out AND I blogged every morning... hey that's TWO accomplishments!
I think I might have to do this every morning. It gives a good mood set for me in the mornings.

I'm thinking of what I may need to add next to my morning routine. I have already added a morning workout, and a new morning blog ritual... what can be next?

How about eating breakfast every day and packing my lunch? This will be hard. Sometimes I just don't feel like eating breakfast and as for packing my lunch, it's hard to refuse fast food take out at work!

It's a challenge in itself, but worth it! I'd like to start implementing new things in my life, because a diet is not a lifestyle change! I know I can't do a diet forever, implementing new healthy habits has to be the best way to get me started! Wish I had implemented sooner; I knew this, but implementing and sticking with this was difficult or so I thought.

Thought for the day...

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