Monday, February 6, 2012

Good Morning!

No I don't ever appear to be a happy morning person. I never smile and I hate getting out of bed, BUT today is my 1st day waking up and getting in my quick workout for the day! I have to admit that I did hit the snooze button ONCE, and it took a lot and I do mean A LOT of will power not to forget and snooze again, and Again and AGAIN! Day one complete, this deserves a huge applause, if you knew me, you'd agree...

Before getting my workout in, I was extremely tired, woke up several times during the night and got a phone call this morning from my husband who accidentally rolled onto his blue tooth head piece which in turn called me.... grrrr! Of course at the time I was afraid of a 5:00 phone call, very unusual for us. But all is well!!!! Right now I feel wide awake and as shameful to admit it, but I'm actually ready to take on the day and am going to avoid my morning coffee that's usually loaded with French Vanilla Creamer. Co-workers usually tease me about "Coffee with your Creamer, Christine?"
Don't need it today, I'm not dragging!

Message of the day...

Going to have a GOOD day!

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