Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well Good Morning! I have been missing for 3 days, since Thursday! I have had a sick kid who has all those nasty symptoms that keeps parents up at the crack of dawn, but all is so much better!!!

This morning workout was a challenge! I almost didn't feel ready for it, or didn't feel like I would be able to get technique correctly, but I did it! It's different, 20/10, I have to work very hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. I'm don't feel very athletic when I got things jumping and slapping against myself, but I forge on; psyche myself to get it done!

I have kept my daily meal tracking goal for last week and I have come to realize that I am a CARB JUNKIE and that's me putting it nicely! My fat intake exceeds my daily requirements and I don't get enough protien for the day! My calories exceed 2100 daily, when I'm suppose to be getting anywhere from 1200-1550 calories a day! I'm begining to realize why the scale isn't moving down!

I have also realized adding goals one week at a time is so much more effective for me. So the one goal I have set myself up for this week is my biggest challenge; making lunch for myself and taking it to work. I don't understand why this is so challenging for me! I know what to do... I could make all my meals on Sunday and just grab-n-go!

I'm ready to move in the right direction!

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