Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rough Night

It's been a rough night! Annaleigh coughed up a lung last night... she has a horrible cough, so the girl is going to stay home from school, but guys I did push past the twice snooze alarm and got up to do my workout. This was tough, because I just wanted to sleep in my warm bed snuggled in a curled up cocoon. My bed beckons me. So tired!

Yesterday, we did some yard work. The day just flew by, but I did get to enjoy the beautiful day. We had perfect weather! It felt like spring. Later on the evening I don't know why I weighed myself, but I did, even though I knew better not to, because weight fluctuates from morning to night. My scale gave me a fright and I could scream out of anger! I won't be doing that anytime soon again. I only felt stressed and upset.

Right know I just feel....So tired!

I'm feeling tired, just incase you couldn't tell. Off to get this day started one way or another!

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