Friday, February 17, 2012

The 3 C's

This morning's blog was a no go! My girl forgot to recharge the laptop last night; the battery was dead!!! Which also means no morning workout! I have been using my laptop for everything lately. I've even gone so far as using it as a tool to refresh myself with 4th grade math problems. Thank goodness for people who post videos all over the Internet! I love them!

I have no rest day on Sunday. I will be makeing up my morning workout that day.

I've been under some stress lately. Oh I won't begin to go into detail, but I need more than just weight therapy! I need to keep myself sane!

Right now Annaleigh is jump roping and she's good! I'm not bragging as a proud mama... OK maybe just a little, but she is good! I remember when I could do that. I bought me a jumping rope last year about this time, because I wanted to be able to jump-a-rope with her. I don't think my knees could take it right now and I feel like such a let down to her! I almost feel like when I get to be able to do things with her. She'll be a teenager and will have other things she interested in and I will have lost time! I need to work harder!

I know it won't be overnight success! Trust me I know it won't be, but pushing past negative thoughts or when I feel like my life may be crumbling around me.... it's so hard not to throw in the towel! Pleading with myself not to quit just feels so stupid! I like the 3 C's of life! Right now I need to keep this in mind....CHOICES.... CHANCES..... CHANGES!

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