Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have defeat starring at me and boy, is it laughing pretty hard at me! 10 days to lose 10 lbs and I don't see that happening, which means February challenge is a bust! I wish I could say I don't know how this happened again, but let me face the facts and although I'm making better choices, it's not 100% of the time! I'm the one who forgot to take lunch to work and decided to join the co-workers for lunch. I'm the one who doesn't say no to soda when someone who is being nice bought me one. I'm the one who went to go get pizza for Valentine's Day. I'm the one who ate ALL the chocolates I got on Valentine's Day as a gift from a friend.

There is no one to blame, B-U-T ME! I'm accountable for my choices; my wrong choices! So all the whining I have done; the moaning and groaning as to why I can't seem to get the scale moving in the right direction is my fault!

Pointing the finger at me is disappointing!

What I also realize and have known is that I'm also accountable to change my direction of thinking. I CAN do better! Heck I have already started, by choosing to wake up early in the morning so that I can get in my morning workout! (AND I DID IT THIS MORNING!) I'm drinking more water during the day; which is good, but not great! I'm going to start tracking my meals and snacks; my new weekly goal. I got to believe I can turn this all around or I'm in for an aching, full of health problems, downing medications miserable life!!! It's enough to make me weep!

Here is some postive reinforcement:

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