Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Diet Mentality

What's this? Am I so focused on finding the perfect "Diet Mentality," that I'm forgetting an important issue here?

To reach my weight loss goal, I am zeroing in on the perfect diet for me. I want that diet to make me reach my goal and I'm assuming that when I get thin and feel beautiful that I'll be able to solve all the unhappiness I "think" I feel about me. WRONG! What an eye opener for me. It's suppose to be a lifestyle change. Diet vs. life, I can't diet for the rest of my life. I have to be realistic.

I have been blaming my weight for a very long time. It's insane! This is why I can't do this or that in my life. I can't even remember when I started telling myself that "IF ONLY" I lose weight I'll be happier with my life. Geez, wake up Christine!

I've been letting the scale and numbers on the scale reflect my mood for as long as I can remember.
Whats even more crazy... I'm NOT unhappy! Tears are flowing as I realize this... I'm NOT unhappy... if fact, I'm so happy I could burst!

My life is almost perfect! I have friends and family that I love and love me in return. Just for being me, without judgement on my weight. I have found Mr. Right! He's perfect in my eyes; no one else could put up with my silly rants or have all the patience in the world to simply love ME and ANNALEIGH! I have future in-laws, who treat us like family! I'm very happy!

So I want to lose weight to keep up with my daughter. I can do that! I want our family to be healthy. We can do that!

What took me so long to understand this? Do we all have this moment?

Maybe, what blinds us along the way is that one moment or one person or the hurt we were put through at one point in our lives; shatters that fragile self esteem.

This is my "aha moment!" I'm sure I'll have many more in my life and that's just fine with me.

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