Monday, July 4, 2011


Ahh, I need to set my goals for this week. I'll focus on sweet treats. I need to get get creative with desserts. I'm not really a dessert eater, but Annaleigh loves sweets and Mark has the biggest sweet tooth in the family. Usually when I go grocery shopping I don't even go through isles that sell forbidden sweets. I'm going to get inventive and try to get creative with healthy desserts or treats for us.

I'm going to retry a goal from last week, I didn't get to eat much seafood or fish like I wanted to, but I am prepared this week to give it another go.

Although this last goal is not weight loss oriented, it's long over do. I'm going to spend a lot of this week organizing this house. I am in serious need of getting rid of many things that aren't necessary to keep. I need a professional organizer to come take over and clean up my act!

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