Saturday, July 9, 2011

Take-Charge Attitude

Since my last breakthrough session, my attitude towards my eating habits have improved greatly! This is good news for me. I can honestly say that I recognize when my stomach is full and I mean not-miserable-full. I eat when I'm hungry, which is strangely feels like I am eating a lot less. I fit in snacks, no more than two. I do my best to savor each bite. This takes patience. I am really trying to follow the 20 minute rule. After all, it takes 20 minutes to make our stomaches realize we feel full.


I figured all this out when I headed out the door to do a girls night out yesterday evening. Usually I dread nights out like this, because to me it means:    forget the diets and give in to all the food temptations on the menu. Lets not forget the encouragement from friends to try this, or eat this, or eat more. I love my girls, but I held my hands up last night and said "I'm full." Guess what? I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by denying more food. I even left food on my plate.
It's a start....
It's my take-charge attitude, it's okay to say no!

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