Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bathingsuit Fears

Use to have them. Infact, if I could avoid going to a pool or lake or anywhere I needed to wear a bathing suit... I'd make an excuse as quick as the invitation was open to me. I have been reading a few blogs lately and some are dreading bathing suits. I'm here to say that bathing suit fears are simply silly.

Two years ago, my sister invited me and the family to go to a water park. It was family only invitation and I couldn't say no to my sister. I wore shorts and a t-shirt, played it safe. What I realized as I hide in the back, a shady spot where I could comfortably people watch is that no person there; young, thin, old, healthy, didn't have the perfect body. Thin people had dimples like me, sure it's cute if you have one on your chin or cheeks. Young people had cellulite like me. (If this sounds mean and it probably does... it was just me putting things in perspective.) The realization that came to me was I'm here in a water park, people are ENJOYING themselves and I was doing my best to avoid people by blending in the background. I realized I was missing out on spending time with my daughter and hoping this could be a memory she'd look back on where WE could survive water waves! Fears aside, blending in no longer.... I loosin up and began enjoying myself. I got wet, jumped in and out of waves and thrived at the water park.

When I got back home, I went bathing suit shopping and it was fun. I spent a lot of time picking out TWO bathing suits. These days, swim suits come in so many colors, lengths, two pieces or one piece. They look so fabulous and glamorous. My advice is simple, don't fear swim suits, it makes you miss out in happy memories with friends and families. Learning to love your body has to be a step in the right direction.

I'm enjoying the summers so much more and going to the pool is great! So, if I feel like I'm being judged or criticized... I shrug it off, because I'm not about to let some nobody I don't know ruin my family fun! They can worry about it!

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