Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's No Joke

I knocked my weekly weigh in day with a 5 lb. loss! No April fool's joke! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Oh I'm so happy right now. This is awesome, very proud of my hard work. I have to remember there will be days when birthdays or if I forget one day to pack my lunch, that it takes reminding that I need to control my portions! Portion control may be the key here, let's not forget drinking the water is another key to helping that portion control! A big glass of water to help my stomach feel full!

Like I mentioned last week, I promised a weekly picture. Not my favorite part at the end of the week, but here it is... avert eyes... always a caution!

I can tell I look very swollen last week. It looks like I"m struggling to keep myself upright. Well I guess I am! I'm carrying so much weight on my body.

Day 54 is going to be a day where I plan for the week. I'm going to focus on making lunches for the week so I won't have any excuse. I'm pumped up and ready to get that scale moving again!

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