Sunday, August 21, 2011

Small Update

So today is a new day and I am here at my parents house. In fact, I spent the night at my parents place. We celebrated my younger sister's 30th birthday. A few drinks and we decided early on that we wouldn't drive home. I'm at my mother's desk, in my pj's writing this post with my cup of coffee and remembering the teenage years. Actually we didn't own a computer during that time ... hmmm, showing my age.
My weigh in will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I'm going to be a busy bee the next few weeks and I'm going back to work tomorrow! Finally something other than house work.... like I really do house work. Heehee. Back to school routine and putting my priorities in order for me and the family.
Ready or not... here we come! Expect a tearful day from me tomorrow, my girl is going to start 4th grade! Time is flying by so fast!

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