Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bad Choice

I made a bad choice for supper this evening. I ordered chinese food.

I hadn't had chinese take out in a long time. I got a take out menu in the mail. (That's what gave me the dumb idea). I ordered Annaleigh sweet and sour chicken kids meal. The portion was enormous. I had to divide her meal and still all I can think is how much fat her meal contained. What was I thinking? Shame on me for not being stronger and choosing something healthier! I should have cooked at home where I had complete control over fat, salt, and portion control. I didn't enjoy my food and this explains why I hadn't eaten chinese food in such a long time.
Focusing on getting this brain malfunction in order. Take out is a choice not to be taken lightly. Obviously I didn't make the right call and completely regret our supper choice. Eating out is still not the best option for me. Someday I'll learn... right?
When I question myself, I feel confused and not so confident. I will do better with my next meal choice!

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