Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Flown By Summer...

Technically, summer hasn't ended... but for my sassy girl the summer has flown by so quickly. We struggled to get a well rounded routine and now that we have almost figured it out. Annaleigh only has the weekend to enjoy left of her summer, but don't feel sorry for the girl. She is even more excited about school starting on Monday. (That was never me.)

My summer is also coming to an end. I begin working on Monday as well. I worked for a daycare and that ended last day of May. Three months short of being employed for four years. Working with babies can be a little crazy and I thought I had enough, but turns out I miss it a little. After all I get to usually see the firsts, like helping our babies learn to first crawl, learn their favorite song, pull up on the crib, taking their first steps, etc. Of course I have always been sure to communicate with parents and never give too much away so they can experience their own firsts! I guess I'm actually excited, but still a little hesitant, because I not sure if this is my future. I know I keep coming back to kids and maybe that's where I need to take a closer look for my future.

Another hesitant move on my part is how will I be able to keep my diet in check. I know the answer... PREPARATION, but that for me is a challenge. I'm not giving up! I will just have to rethink my situation and figure out a carefully active plan that needs to work for me!
I meant to talk about how summer was slipping through my fingers, but I have a different concerns after all. Go figure!

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