Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Determination

I've started back to work and was really impress with myself when I took lunch everyday. I weighed in today and holding steady; so much better than going up on the scale and especially when that time of the month is against me.

I've decided I need to get myself in a mind-set of losing 10 lbs each month. It's a hard goal to set for myself, especially when I have been struggling with the same amount of weight since I have started back in April. I'm learning to realize when I'm hungry and when I'm not. I've added a negative addiction back in my life and that is soda. I'm not drinking it everyday, but I am losing the battle to avoid it.

I've decided a few weeks ago that in order to succeed I need to avoid a diet and live a lifestyle. Diets start us off in a new direction, but we can't live on a diet forever.

I think a 10 lb loss needs a reward system. New outfits? Perfume? Shoes? Books? New ipod? The possibilities are endless and I'm excited about them!

Another idea is a 10 lbs loss picture. I want to be able to notice changes; see differences!
Here's to getting it done!

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