Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working It Out

Going on day two on working out at Curves. It's great to be back; breaking a little sweat; enjoying chatter among fellow Curves ladies. BUT... boy, oh boy! I am sore. I work out the soreness once I get into tackle the machine mode. I'm drinking more water now that I'm home and trying not to fudge on drinking soda. I had a painful reminder yesterday as to why I don't want to relive caffeine headaches anymore!

As for dieting plans, I still haven't decided on which diet to try next. I feel swamped when I look online or head to the bookstore to find the latest diet for me. Now these past two days, I have been cutting back on fat grams and trying my best to limit sugar intake. I'm drinking water first thing in the morning and eating breakfast within the hour of waking up.

Until next time in my therapy session.... No Pain, No Gain....Baloney!

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