Friday, June 17, 2011

Road Trip

Ruidoso, New Mexico

We had a road trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico. We were suppose to go to Six Flags in TX but after factoring HEAT, we decided to do a quick road trip to New Mexico. It was a nice change of scenery. Annaleigh and I had never been to Ruidoso. While we were there it was 89 degrees, VERY NICE, especially when at home we were hitting three digit numbers. I was told this was not typical weather in Ruidoso, but I didn't complain. It was dry and under extreme fire danger so main roads were closed to protect the town. Mark did his best to give us descriptions on how this town was usually cooler and much more awesome.
Mark was a great tour guide!

Future Race Car Driver!
We still manage to have fun!

"Mom, enough already with the camera!"

We met a nice couple, who were from Roswell, NM enjoying lunch and took our picture together!

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