Sunday, May 1, 2011

Attitude Is Everything!

Guys, I feel it today. I have attitude! I'm feeling confident and inspired to kick my own butt into high gear!

My weekly goals for this week are:
  • 1200 calorie intake
  • ditch the last of my soda addiction... sprite and big red.
  • taking lunch to work (this is a tough one for me.)
I should be able to handle these 3 goals.

Here's a brief on my history with soda.

My all time favorite soda drink WAS Dr. Pepper. I had to have one every day and at least three 32oz. glasses filled to the rim, during the day. I broke the habit during a "Get Fit" program I had joined with a couple of great ladies. It was pure insanity for me. I wanted just one drink or maybe just a little sip, but I didn't budge. I had MAJOR headaches that lasted several weeks, but I didn't budge. That was 8 months ago. To deal with my loss of Dr. Pepper, I started to drink Sprite and Big Red. I have worn out Sprite and Big Red is not great for my waist line.

Anyway, I'm going in this week with attitude. My positive attitude is to get my 1200 calorie daily intake. My soldier attitude to get rid of the last of my soda addiction. My planning attitude to get lunch done daily for work. Attitude... it's everything!

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