Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Isn't Mother's Day great? It's a day we celebrate Moms for loving us,for teaching us, for lending their shoulder, for going far and beyond to give us what we thought we couldn't live without! Thanks Mom!

This day I'm reminded that I dedicated myself to honoring the "MOM CODE" and that is to simply love my child unconditionally. I want her to have a healthy happy life. I need to teach her that being healthy has a BIG impact with being happy in life.

My weekly goals is to watch my carb intake and my sugar intake. I only lost one pound and something has got to give right? Of course I think I'm wishing for a quick fix again. One to two pounds is the healthy way to lose weight, so I must be doing something right! Next goal will be to focus on doing more activity with Annaleigh. Usually she's in soccor and I think she's missing her sport! I feel bad for missing the sign ups. Final goal for the week will be to keep avoiding the soda. I've been doing great.

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