Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Break Through

I have not come up with any new diet yet. I'm only piling on the stress. I could burst into tears at any moment and if you would ask me what was wrong I wouldn't be able to give you an answer. I kind of feel like Hercules who got tricked into holding the world and am now carrying the load on my shoulders. Geez, talk about Drama Queen! Okay, I need to be the one to tell myself this... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, YOU ARE BRINGING ME DOWN!

How am I suppose to move on from an obstacle if I force myself to keep analyzing the same thing over and over again. I won't budge or see improvement if I'm tormenting my confidence or self worth with guilt. Why am I so hard on myself? If it was anyone else, I would simply say...

 "So you screwed up, it's not working, try something; ANYTHING! You can't quit. Just get out of that rut. Man Up!" (giggle)
Cleverly put.
Why, this blogging therapy session has been a small break through. I'll call it a success!

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