Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Hungry.

I've been following the 1200 calorie intake since Sunday and it was going well, except today. Actually, right now, I'm hungry. To distract myself, I'm helping Annaleigh finish projects that need to be turned in soon at school. So now I'm blogging hoping to convince myself its just a moment of weakness. I don't have any temptation around me. Hmm, except that delicious homemade chocolate cake my mom made a few days ago and thoughtfully brought some over.

Don't want it. Don't need it. Ugggghhhh! COME ON CHRISTINE! GET CONTROL OF YOURSELF! Remember the hard work going into this... The last thing I want to see is failure.

Failure... now that's a strong word. I'm familiar with that word. We have history together. Failure is what comforts me when I feel a change coming on. Well Failure, you can kiss my rear, because I forbid you to interrupt my future success.

I'm okay. I can do this. I swear.

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