Sunday, April 24, 2011


You ever notice, when there's a special occasion or just something we want to capture for a memory we snap a picture. Isn't there an expression that says a picture is worth a thousand words? The eye is in the beholder. This beholder doesn't like being in pictures, and the reason is I hate looking at myself. The critical part of me jumps right in while looking at the picture.

"Boy, I look really fat."
"Looks like I have a fat suit on."
"Couldn't I lift my head a little more, so I don't have to see a DOUBLE chin."

(Don't Get Me Started... I could go on and on.)

I'm not usually in many photographs just so that I won't look back and be critical of myself. It's sad to see a photograph and not be able to see beyond the "fat" me. I should be able to look at the picture and smile, thinking...."This was great day. I remember we were there together and I had a blast." I am going to have to rethink my view on photographs. My first step is to start being in photographs more often and remember the occasion, the company, and the joy I felt inside.

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