Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inspired To Begin!

I have been inspired by Blogs that describe their success in weight loss and their struggles in weight loss and I'm encourage to begin my own Weight Therapy Blog. I feel that I will be able to understand my own issues with my weight! Blogging will be my way of expressing myself and accept myself for who I am. As unrealistic as I may be, I still want to be able to eat delicious food! Of course having a  male and a kid in the house who seem to be hungry for sweets will be a challenge on a different level. I believe in order to have weightloss success, my family is going to eat what I eat and we'll need to become active as a family!

Now then, my next step is to set goals. Goals is what lets us reap the rewards for our accomplishments! For every 10 lbs. lost, a reward that doesn't involve food! A weekly weigh in and photograph at the end of the month.

*I currently weigh 260!!! I have been fluctuating from to 255 to 260 for the past few months! It's driving me crazy! If I were to check the average woman who is 5'3, a large frame... she would weigh  141. A future goal? Possibly! But a more realistic goal for me is to get away from the 200's!

*Another goal would be working out at Curves. I'm a member since last June of 2010. I need to recommit to my workouts! At least 3 times a week! I moan and groan about it, but once I'm there I feel refreshed and less stressful! Including a new family activity for the week!

*I need to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water. (Now, this I should be able to handle! Back in October I joined a group of ladies in a fit club and gave up almost all caffeinated beverages! As of to date I long to have a carbonated drink, but the taste of Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Root Beer are disgusting!)

* How about having home cooked meals.(Although, I'm a sucker for fast food for dinner, because it's easy and I can use coupons at a bargin price! I could tell you what day and what restaurant is having a deal for the week. I'm guilty as charged; as a parent I should know better!)

I raise my glass (water, of course) for a toast!


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