Monday, May 20, 2013


WE make them everyday! I make choices everyday!

Do you know my choices have been all wrong? YES, wrong choices!

The choices have been to over eat and let's not forget the choice to over indulge! I have made the choice to enjoy fast food over home cooked meals. I have made the choice to sleep in a few minutes more, instead of waking up to eat breakfast every morning.

I make choices everyday; every hour; every minute; every second AND every choice I have made has been wrong and harmful to my body!

Here I am blogging disappointment and upset when I can't drop numbers on the scale.

Ah, HELLO, reality check! Let's look at my everyday choices. I ate at the "Golden Arches". I skipped breakfast and load up on coffee with gallons of creamer or didn't plan or prepare for supper this evening... translation:  let me just go pick up some-over-a-1000-calories at a fast food restaurant that is just 3 blocks away!

It's time to rethink my choices. I make them. I know this is repetitive, it just sucks to know I'm SLOW to understand as a light bulb has gone on in my head!

Time to concentrate on making the best choices for me!

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