Sunday, November 30, 2014


Damn that BREAD... it's like a freakin' lover that is tormenting me! In other words yes, I caved in. I had a slice of pizza. Alright...a slice and a half! I am shamed-faced... include a soda with that meal.
It is a rough start. I need to keep drinking water. I think that was a huge help on day one. I kept it close to me and when I thought I wanted bread, it was enough to keep me away from it.
But my weigh in came in a positive note. 2 pounds down! Whew, because yesterday's weigh in was at a stand still. Of course I received grunts and complaints about me weighing in everyday, but I want to log every day because this is my experiment.
No headaches, of course "IT'S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH". Surprise! I am feeling pretty miserable right now.
Making this quick, family is so LOUD right now, I can't "think" anymore.
My motto for the day:

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