Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hasta La Vista, Bread!

Yesterday was terrible. "The Headache" was excruciating painful, even after the pain medicine. I drank water all day long, thinking I might be dehydrated from the days before of drinking endless soda.
Temptation has been EVERYWHERE. I just about quit the minute my sister, Audrey brought the cookie dough at Target. I kept talking myself out of it. "The Headache" reminded me I didn't need any bread or cookie.
I'm the first to admit day one without carbs was too hard, especially BREAD. It's like I have a dysfunctional relationship with bread. I have dated bread so long it's time to give kick him to the curb.
Sobbing, my Bread break-up note.
Dear Bread,
I have to say good-bye. You are no good for me. Right now, I turn a corner or counter and I see you there before my eyes tempting me to come back, but I can't. I deserve a better life and yes, without you. This is my way of kicking your ass out for good. I know I'll be able to move on and imitate your goodness with something even better. Hasta la vista, Bread!
That felt good. Now the hard part is to continue fighting my feelings for bread and avoid him like a plague. A little weird, funny how it some foods do feel like a relationship gone sour.
Until tomorrow.

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