Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Feeling Discouraged


Last week, was a long hard week. Worked late. Felt out of sync with everything, especially myself. Not prepared. I definitely put myself at the last of the list and I never got to me.

Today I am exhausted. I need some major sleep. I'm feeling overwhelmed and I can't pinpoint the culprit.

Irritated and moody. I want to feel good, how does one crazy week ruin good work? I could just yell!

I've set myself a goal for the rest of May. There is 18 days left as of tomorrow. I have given myself the goal of losing 5 lbs. I know what you're thinking..

"5 lbs. that's easy."

My response: "Not for a girl who is taking medicine for her thyroid. My metabolism is on vacation."

Which really sucks. If you're young or healthy right now, this is my advice. Take advantage of being young, you can lose weight faster. If you don't have anything wrong with you; you are not taking any medications, you can lose weight faster.

If you are on the same boat like me... then grab a life jacket and let's stay afloat.

Working harder and proving everyone around me wrong... that's my point.

18 days... it can be done. 5 lbs. it's a goal; a point that I HAVE to prove to myself.

I'll spare you a selfie. I'm not photogenic. Say Cheese!

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